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The Beauty Mage

A Transcendental Beauty Studio

Activate Your Magic

Our Mission

The Beauty Mage’s mission is to unravel the craft of caring for self from the soul outward.  By creating mindful rituals around your daily soul care routines, we aid in reducing your stress and anxiety.  Using the divine direction of the universe, we formulate products, education, and events intended to remind your body of its natural healing powers.  Our 'whole beauty' treatments enhance and align the chakras along your entire body allowing you to face the world empowered, with your EYES WIDE open.


In a 'whole-istic' approach to wellness

therapy for everyone, but especially for black & brown folx

In bolstering spiritual alignment through beauty treatments & soul care rituals

In the power of womxn supporting & investing in other womxn

In the importance of decolonizing the language, culture, & interpretation of indigenous spiritual practices

In the right to sovereignty of a full embodied self for every person

In removing the stigma of speaking freely about our bodies & our issues

In building community through social justice and grass roots activism

In dreaming bigger than our imaginations want to allow us space for

In our power to create positive change through the arts & traditional indigenous healing

That life is too short to be mediocre

That we are stronger together

We believe in you!

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What We Do


Eyelash Extensions, Microblading, Brow Lamination & More

Combining metaphysical healing therapies with luxury beauty services.

A collection of tools to enhance your rituals, altars, & sacred spaces.

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Our Impact

Community Therapy

We allot SIX 30-minute 1-on-1 therapy appointments per month for the community.  These appointments are especially meant for our BIPOC fighting for liberation and equal rights.   Appointments can be requested via direct messages to our email, social media, or text.


Pay It Forward Therapy Sponsorship 

Allies & friends may purchase transferable gift certificates for therapy sessions for BIPOC, non-black POC, & indigenous folx.  Certificates can also be used toward beauty services as we believe soul care comes in many forms.

Protection Sigils for Black Lives

All of the proceeds from the sales of protection sigils sold in our store will go directly to some of the organizations listed below.

Charitable Organizations & Sources for Anti-Racism Education That We Support


Our Covid-19 Protocols

  • Increased sanitation between clients.  No clients are taken back-to-back unless you live in the same domicile.

  • Only one person is allowed in the treatment room at a time.  Only the booked client name will be left with the front desk for entry into the building.  No person not on the list will be granted access to the building.

  • Masks are required at all times inside the building and its facilities.

  • All clients must submit to temperature checks at front desk before entering building.

  • Hand washing is required in the restroom on our floor before entrance to studio.  Additional hand sanitizer available upon request.

  • Clients are asked to arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before appointment to avoid causing distancing issues.

  • Technician will wear face mask, shield, and lab coat to mitigate contamination/infection.

  • Technician has completed Babicide's Beauty Industry Professional Certification Course for ensuring proper sanitation & safety protocols.  Certificate available upon request.



The Beauty Mage's store is open for business.  We have:

Floral Beauty Wands

for ritual smoke cleansing

Hand-Picked Precious Crystals


Floral/Herbal Salt Baths

Eucalyptus Shower Wands

Herbal Smoking Blends

& More

Image by Evie S.

Wondering what it's like to have eyelash extensions?


What the heck is reiki anyway?

You've got tons of questions, click below for all the answers.

Meet the Mage

Taryn Dean is an LA-based Beauty Witch and the creator of Transcendental Beauty. The Beauty Mage, is the all-encompassing beauty initiative curated by Taryn to build bridges, not walls. Her work goes beyond the substantial realms of beauty and spirituality, including lash artistry, facial massage and aesthetics, healing, activism, and energetic therapy. 


After extensive research, Taryn opened the first metaphysical beauty space in downtown Los Angeles, true to her heart and her community as a native Angeleno.  The Beauty Mage utilizes a process of diving inward, beyond mental activity, to help you experience a state of pure awareness and grace. Her treatments spark your deepest inner reserves of energy, creativity and confidence to eternalize 'whole beauty'.  Taryn combines metaphysical healing, beauty techniques, and energetic therapy to remove mental and physical blockages and empower her clients.

The Mage
Image by Evie S.

As Seen In...


Cinnamon Mag

Published June 18

By Caitlin White


Image by Evie S.

Hollywood Reporter

Published May 31

By Danielle Directo-Meston



The Fullest Mag

Published June 04

By Lindsey DeLong


You’ll find the complete list of press links, affiliate courses, and links to some the tools created for our blog, Sekhmet Society which lives on our store, www.ShopTheBeautyMage.Com.


Transcendental Beauty

Transcendental Beauty sessions are meant to transport you to a feeling of completion.  They are a safe haven where you know a space for your healing will be held wide open.  

They begin with some light talk therapy, then transition into a reiki session and aura cleansing.  After reiki, the beauty service begins.  And finally we close out with a quick tarot pull and a gift of a small ritual jar for you to continue your meditations.

The service is designed to ritualize soul care.  It is based around a foundation of six core elements - release, breathe, cleanse, connect, enhance, transcend.

Transcendence comes at the nexus of belief, vision, and purpose all aligning for progress.  The spirit urges us to move through emotional growth.  The mind urges us to move through intellectual growth.  But how does the soul urge us to move forward?

Intuition.  Dreams.  That still small voice.  Your inner child.  Whatever you prefer to call it.  You already know it.  Grow your confidence and speak your truth!

Give yourself permission to Release all that is not serving you.  Breathe in the full expanse of support that the universe is offering you.  Cleanse your spirit of any doubt.  Connect to the divine within you that is conspiring for your highest good.  Relax into an Enhancement ritual that will leave you feeling not only beautiful but empowered.  Walk away knowing that you have achieved true Transcendence from whatever's been holding you back.

For more info on our Transcendental Beauty service, click the button below.

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Our Promise

  • Eco-conscious sourcing

  • Inclusive product design & development

  • Sustainable manufacturing & packaging

  • Vegan, organic, non-GMO ingredients

  • Food grade safety standards

  • Hand-crafted in Los Angeles

  • Designed to reduce anxiety & inflammation

The Studio

The Studio

We Relocated!

2020 forced many of us to pivot and re-evaluate the efficacy of our commercial spaces.  So, I ditched our DTLA digs and now work solely from my home.  For that reason, the address isn’t listed here as before.

We are located in South LA, Windsor Hills to be exact, just next door to Ladera Heights.  



Hours & Availability


Before You Book


Prep & Aftercare


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