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Before Your Appointment...

Come to appointment with a clean face.

Avoid mascara at least 24 hours prior.

Facials should be at least 48 hours on either side of appointment.

Take a shower prior to appointment if possible.

Washing hair should happen at 24 hours on either side of appointment.

Avoid coffee/excessive caffeine prior to appointment.

Bring containers for contact lenses if you prefer not to wear during service.



Rule #1

No Water, No Heat, No Steam

Depending on the type of adhesive used, you may need to wait up to 24 hours before your lashes come into contact with water.

You may shower using tepid water, angled away from your face - nothing hot enough to steam up the bathroom.

Rule #2

Avoid Oil & Cotton

The main two enemies of the adhesive are oil & cotton.  Cotton's fibers get stuck in the lashes and may yank out the natural lash.  The fibers also extremely hard to get out of the lashes once they are intertwined.  Oil breaks down the adhesive.  Avoid any oil use below the brow line.  Cover the lashes before using any type of oil-based spray.

Rule #3

Use a washcloth to wash your face

Avoid any activity that puts undue pressure on the lashes.  This includes splashing water on the face or standing underneath the shower.

From now on, wash your face using a washcloth and wipe around the eye area.  You may consult with your lash artist about special lash cleansers that you may use with your extensions if you wish to clean them separately.

Rule #4

Use Oil-Free Eye MakeUp and Remover​

If you choose to wear makeup, especially eyeliner, make sure that it is oil-free.  The best eyeliner to use is kohl liner, or powder liner, as it is water soluble.  Basically, choose one that is easy to remove and will not require excessive rubbing at the lash line.

Make sure that all removers are oil-free as well.  Many people use micellar water or Neutrogena.

Rule #5

Sleep Easy​

Though it may be hard at first, the best sleep position is on your back.  Do your best not to sleep on your face.

Get a silk pillow case.  The cotton in a regular pillow case will promote extra shedding on whatever side you sleep on.

If you prefer to wear a sleep mask, it must be the kind with beveled edges.

Rule #6

Avoid ALL of the No's

No picking.

No pulling.

No plucking.

No eyelash curlers.

No mascara.

No high heat scenarios.

No excessive eye rubbing.

No attempting to remove extensions on your own.

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