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What does 'whole beauty' mean?

We prefer to see our clients as whole beings.  You are not simply a client but first and foremost a person.  When you walk into The Beauty Mage, we want you to be able to fully relax, leave your cares and worries outside, and lean in to your best self.  

While we may be working on a single part of your body, we want to get to know you as the whole person that you are.  We care about your physical health as well as your spiritual and emotional health.  Our doors lead to a safe place where you can be seen however you want to be seen.  Our job is best completed when you leave feeling more empowered than when you entered.

You have many options when choosing beauty/wellness practitioners.  We want you to come back because you leave us feeling better than you do leaving any other wellness studio.

What exactly is a Transendental Beauty treatment?  What the heck is reiki anyway?

Consider a TB treatment beauty + therapy.  There is an extensive explanation outlined on the TB & Soul Care page.  A TB treatment utilizes crystal therapy, aromatherapy, sound therapy, reiki, and tarot in order to bring a greater sense of peace and balance to the client.  Reiki, for those who don't know, is very similar to prayer; it requires that both parties believe and intend the desired outcome to come to pass.  Reiki is an ancient tradition of energy healing where the practitioner uses their hands to pass 'universal energy' into the client in order to promote emotional or physical healing and restore well-being.  All of these therapeutic modalities are then wrapped around an eyelash extension service providing an outward enhancement to the inner enhancement.  

Additionally, the client is gifted with an intuitively packed moon ritual to take with them and perform with the next major moon cycle that corresponds with the goal of our work.

Are eyelash extensions safe?  Will they harm my natural lashes?

Yes!  Eyelash extensions are 100% safe for your eyes and for your natural lashes.  When eyelash extensions are placed properly, they should be pain-free, without causing irritation to the eye or skin, nor should they rip out the natural lash.  Properly placed, professional lash extensions should shed with your natural lash.

We use the highest quality medical-grade adhesives that are specifically formulated for use around the eye.  Our adhesives do not contain formaldehyde and when informed in advance, adhesives without carbon black can be made available as well.  It has been found that many people who develop allergies to the adhesive are actually allergic to the carbon black additive in many professional adhesives.

If you've never had extensions before and are concerned that you might be allergic, contact us directly to set up a glue test.  We will then test the adhesive on 2-3 lashes on one eye and wait 24 hours to see if you have any reaction. 

What are Men-stentions?  How are they different from other lash extension offerings?

MEN-stentions are a lightweight natural set of eyelash extensions applied in the fashion of mink extensions.  They are meant to be an enhancement of the natural eyeline giving a slight boost to the length and fullness of the natural lash.  These extensions are specifically meant to not be feminizing, but rather to provide the wearer an added boost of lash visibility.

In terms of fullness, this set would be considered a half, hybrid set.  There are 1/2/3D extensions added in lengths between 6mm-9/10mm.  These extensions will last anywhere from 2-4 weeks depending on care.

These sets will tend to have roughly the same fullness each time and will not build as other types of extensions.  That is why there is only a single price.

What's the difference between silk and mink lashes?  What's the difference between classic, hybrid, & volume styles?

These days there really isn't much difference between true silk and 'mink' lashes.  In the past, silk lashes were generally always thicker and heavier than mink lashes.  True mink lashes were made from the remains of hairs brushed off of a mink's tail and were either the same weight or a lighter weight than a natural human lash.  However, a few years ago, in CA at least, real mink lashes were outlawed.  Now all lashes on the market are considered silk or 'mink'.  Silk lashes today are of a higher and more consistent quality than mink lashes of old and they tend to hold their shape better.

In application, the main difference between silk and mink lashes is that silk lashes are generally applied 1 to 1, that is one extension to one hair/lash, while mink is generally 2, 3, or 4 to 1 as the weight of the extensions are much lighter.  You may also see these applications referred to as 2D, 3D, 4D, etc. where the number corresponds to the number of extension hairs being placed on a single lash.  A classic application is always considered a 1 to 1 ratio.  Hybrid is then a combination of 1 to 1 along with some 2/3/4D extensions all mixed together.  Volume is an entire set of 2D-6D extensions placed on every single lash.

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